Fast pitch Softball Tryouts are underway and FAQs

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ICYMI, Softball tryouts are underway at Destin High School. Tryouts started on 18 January and will continue to 5 Feb.

If you are interested please stop by the Athletic Department to get your forms.


  1. How many games are scheduled?

We have 18 games currently scheduled throughout the Florida Panhandle.

  1. Where does the softball team practice?

Currently, the softball team is practicing at Destin Elementary School.

  1. Where will home games be played?

Currently, our home games will be played at Destin Elementary School.

  1. Do I have to take 7th period Softball to participate in DHS softball?

Although it is desirable, it is not a requirement to have 7th period softball. Several players do not take 7th period softball.

  1. What time is practice?

Practice is from 3:15 to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday.

  1. Will transportation be provided to practice facility and games?

Yes, school bus leaves DHS at 3:00pm to Destin Elementary. Transportation will be provided to and from away games by the schol. Players are responsible to get transportation home from practice facilities.

  1. Will equipment be provided?

Some training equipment and game uniforms have already been purchased by the school. Player will be responsible to purchase gloves, metal cleats, softball pants, socks and belts for practice. I am currently looking to put together a practice gear package that will include practice shirts, hoodies, and bat bags that will be purchased with the player’s fees. Fees will be determined after I receive quotes from venders.


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