Get Your Tickets to Destin High Athletic Events at

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Tickets to all of the upcoming Destin High School Athletics Department events are now available for purchase at You can visit the website now or download the GoFan app to access all game schedules and event details. Start an account now to make sure you are ready to support your Destin Sharks during the upcoming season!

To begin, please review the information below and follow the instructions:

1. You can download the GoFan App on your phone, tablet, laptop, etc.


3. Search Schools

a. Destin High School

b. (or search our opposing school if buying tickets for away games)

4. Select <Get Tickets>

5. At the gate, you will open your ticket(s) via email or the GoFan app

6. Then you can select the ticket(s) you want to use

7. The gate attendant will direct you to press <Redeem> to validate tickets securely

a. A green checkmark will display to confirm that ticket(s) are valid

8. Enjoy your event!


Once you have signed up for an account, you may sign-in to that account in the future by visiting This is the OFFICIAL ticket application for all FHSAA Event. Most high schools in the panhandle use this app for their ticketing. You can transfer tickets.


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